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You and your Fitness Business might be facing challenges when it comes to business strategy, but you’re not alone. And getting past these challenges might just be easier than you think. That’s what we’re here for. Every Fitness Business needs someone like you to learn these skills.

Here you’ll find the very best resources for getting started. As a fitness pro, you can use these tools and begin attracting and keeping members & clients while allowing you to focus on growing your fitness business. In no time at all, you’ll feel like a boss…a FITNESS BOSS!

Providing The Ultimate

Personal Training Experience

for Prospects & Clients

with Mike Trotter


The Most Effective Fat Loss

Methods for Your Clients In 2018

with Stefan Ianev


Meet Your Guides

Stefan Ianev

Stefan Ianev is the co-founder and Training Specialist at the Fitness Boss.com and creator of iNutrition Pro and is a world-renown trainer and educator. He has over 15 years industry experience and has worked with hundreds of clients all the way up to international level physique competitors, and lectured to over 1,000+ fitness professionals in 10+ cities across the world.

Stefan has also been mentored directly by some of the top names in the fitness industry (such as Charles Poliquin). Stefan has won numerous titles in natural bodybuilding to show that he not just talks the talk, but walks the walk!

Brett Johnston

Brett Johnston is the creator and co-founder of The Fitness Boss. After receiving my first personal training certification in 1995, I have learned a lot in the fitness industry in my 22+ years as a fitness professional. I have surrounded myself with the VERY BEST in the fitness industry in regards to acquiring, retaining and training gym members and training clients.

My passion is to pass that information on to you. And that’s why I’ve put together this dream team of like-minded fitness pro’s to do just that! Get to know us by checking out any of our free resources.

Mike Trotter

Mike Trotter is a partner and Training Specialist at TheFitnessBoss.com and is one of the most sought after business minds in the fitness industry.

Although his passion is personal training, he has extended himself into the business aspect of helping gyms boost membership and personal training sales. Mike is also well known for teaching fitness pro’s how to radically influence their followers on social media.

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